Carefully manage your reactions



Our efforts cannot in any way stop the rain but we can prevent it from wetting us.

We cannot always control certain actions but can control our reaction towards them

We cannot always control what we see, learn to control yourself.

We cannot always control what we hear, learn to be patient.

We cannot always determine how people should treat us, learn to manage the actions of others.

We do not always get what we want and want what we get, learn to accept and value what you have.

Life is such that actions from without are mostly beyond our control but your reaction towards them are mostly within your control.

Learn to manage your reactions.

God bless you


Do not be limited by people’s perceptions

Perception is like how contacts are saved on the phone, the names do not always reflect the identity of the person.

Perception is like how a file is named on a computer, it does not always reflect the content of the file.

No matter your identity and value, people will identify and tag you based on their convictions and expectations.

One fact is that people’s perception may distort your identity but it cannot change your identity.

Due to different backgrounds, orientations, experiences and expectations, many assign meaning to events and realities based on their particular world view.

People perceive and associate certain traits to you but they cannot change who you are unless you give them the chance.

Learn to be your better self and do the right thing no matter how people see and tag you.

God bless with you.

There is still hope

Life is like a countless nuts in the mouth, one bad but can easily destroy the nice taste of the several nuts.
When misfortunes and unpleasant moments are not carefully managed, it can destroy the beauty and joys of life.
There is still life in you, why are you hopeless in life?
There is always another chance, why do take your life?
There is something good and valuable in you, why do you downgrade yourself?
There is someone who loves and cares about you, why do you feel abandoned and dejected?
*Certain moments and situations in life are discouraging, distracting and even hurtful but never allow them blight your future and hopes in life.*
Do not be discouraged, keep on, there are better days ahead.
God be with you always.

Proactive-ness, a mark of sensitivity and responsibility

So far people do not lament over our actions does not mean they are not hurt but because they are strong and patient to endure.
Many are silent on our provocative remarks not because they afraid of us but because they have mastery over their emotions.
Silence does not always connote wellness.


Do not wait for people to complain before you realise that your words are derogatory and hurting them.
Do not wait for people to violently confront you before you know that your actions are offensive.
Do not wait for people to demonstrate against your inactions before you become conscious of your irresponsibility.
Being proactive is a mark of sensitivity and responsibility.
Do not take the silence, patience and endurance of others for granted. 
*It is not always the best to act prudently and responsibly solely as a reaction to complaints and confrontations, learn to be proactive.*
God bless and keep you.

Selfishness, Attractive but Destructive

When selfishness rules our lives, morality is mostly determined by our disposition, place, situation and time.

Selfishness makes us inconsistent to what is right or wrong. We shift the goal post to meet our aspirations and target.

These are not acts of dynamism but selfishness;

You gleefully accept today what you rejected yesterday because it will favour you.

You are now strongly opposing what you approved in the past because others will benefit, not you.

You are even upholding and praising vices, mediocrity and indiscipline all because you will benefit positively from them.

You are strongly frowning on virtuous life, excellence and discipline because the positive fruits are reaped by others, not you.

You tag others as good not because of their right conduct but because of the favours you get from them.

Selfishness is attractive but it destroys the dignity and credibility of the individual and retards progress in the society.

Do not only seek your wellbeing and interest to the detriment of others, group and society.

Have a blessed week.

Caption readers

Things and ideas meant to attract and capture attention are mostly deceptive.

Captions are carefully moulded to lure and move the reader to read the details but captions are enough for the lazy reader.

We are in a generation where many people convincingly decide on captions and comments, rather than finding out the details of a story.

Many are gradually growing ignorant because we are comfortable with captions, summaries and half stories instead the of details.

The dignity and credibility of many individuals and groups have been tarnished because we are too lazy to find out the full and the true story.

Many have tagged and judged hastily and wrongly because they solely relied on captions.

Do not just believe and decide on every caption and comment about others, learn to find out the details before act on it.

Have a nice day.

Personal encounter, not popular perception

When we judge the morality of a music solely by its genre and rhythm rather than the quality of words, we are likely to miss the value of the music.
Sometimes, we assess people not based on our personal experience of their conduct but based on the popular perception about the place, status and group they find themselves.
Not all those in a dignified positions and respectable groups have manners and credibility.
Not all those who are poor and undeveloped are lazy.
It is unfair and even dangerous to convincingly judge people by their appearance, religion, work, race, status and group.
Do not be too quick and lazy to trade on hasty generalization. 
Take time to encounter,

Take time to observe,

Take time to listen and take time to understand, before you form your perception about others.
God be with you always.

Your greatest challenge..

Challenges are part of life, they become destructive only when we allow them to rule us instead of making efforts to overcome them.
Our gravest problem is not with our ignorance but when we deliberately persist in ignorance.
Your greatest setback is not to make a mistake but to consciously persist in your mistake.
Our greatest detractor is not to fail but to be discouraged and destroyed by failure.
Your strongest limitation is not with your weakness but when your actions are completely dictated by your weakness.
You are not immuned from challenges. 

May you accept your challenge and be endowed with the needed abilities to overcome it.
Have a blessed week.

It hugely depends on you

Success and failure are not contagious, they are outcomes of our actions.
So far as many of your predecessors succeeded does not automatically guarantee your success.
So far as others have failed does not mean you will fail at all cost.
Do not be carried away or discouraged by the successes and failures of others.
Your success or failure is hugely determined by your efforts, strategies and discipline.
Let the successes of others move and encourage you to accept that you can.
Let the failures of others caution you to accept the fact that you can also fail.
You can make it,  do not be carried away or discouraged by the words and actions of others.

Human beings are not always predictable

Our actions do always trigger their corresponding reactions  others.
*In most cases, not those who are unfair, irresponsible and indifferent are hated but those who are responsible, dedicated, fair and firm.*
You do not have to hurt or offend others before you can qualify to be their enemy. Sometimes, your good conducts create enemies for you.
You do not have to be a deviant before you become a threat to your peers. Your discipline can also make you a threat to them.
You do not have to be dishonest before the society can hate and rejected you. Your truthfulness and objectivity can make the society hate you.
You do not have to fail before your confidants hate and abandon you. Sometimes, your success can make your friends hate and abandon you.
Be careful with human beings, we are not always predictable.
God be with you.