The performance of a character can never make him last on the stage.

Whether the performance is interesting or boring, he will leave the stage with time.

Our birth gives us the chance to perform on the platform of life.

Our good choices and conducts can easily grant us peace, joy and fulfillment in life, but they cannot make us immortal.

Our accomplishments, status, dignity and wealth can make us models but they cannot give us a lasting stay on earth.

Whether you are an asset or liability, good or bad, you will one day exit the world.

Do not build attractive but false hopes on who you are, where you are and what you have, they cannot assure you of immortality.

Love life but be conscious and prepare for the inevitable exit.

God bless and keep you.



No matter how bad the road to your destination, it is the appropriate route to take in order to reach your ultimate goal.

When we take a good road that leads comfortably to a different location, we do not only wander to waste our time, we will never reach our goal.

The road to eternity is uneven, do abandon it for smooth one that might lead you astray.

The road to success is full of hurdles, do not dodge them, they are to fortify you.

The call to safety might be intimidating, do not discard it, it might be your sole source of safety.

We can cut corners, elude the basic principles of life and even use dubious means to be successful overnight but such accomplishments are without firm and credible basis.

Follow authentic and appropriate routes of life not merely attractive ones.

May the Lord be with you.


Things and realities closer look real and even different from those at a distance.

Our location mostly determines how we see and perceive people and realities.

How we see realities do not always correspond to their true nature.

Appearance can deceptive but observing and judging from a distance is very dangerous.

Ideas, objects and groups may appear different from without as compared to their view from within.

At a distance, people and realities may appear bigger or smaller, better or worse, than their real nature and identity.

Do not only rush to judge, also judge from the right position.

God bless and keep you.

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Titles and credentials are like fast means of transportation, they can easily help us to jump over certain hurdles and lead us unscathed to our intended destinations but they can never perform on our behalf.

As we pride ourselves with titles and positions, we should never lose sight of the responsibilities attached to them.

Qualifications and credentials can easily elevate us but our attitude and performance can easily cause our downfall.

As soon as you attain a position or status, what enhanced your rise becomes less significant, you will be easily identified and assessed by your responsibilities and output.

May you always focus on the impact of your actions on the society rather than the dignity attached to your titles.

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When you are chained to only one place, group and idea, do not expect to see new things and significant improvement in your life.

Unless we make some painful but gainful decisions in life, we can never become the best version of ourselves.

Do not narrow your world by being over comfortable with where you are and what you have.

Do not limit your knowledge by being complacent with what you know.

*Do not kill your abilities and creativity by being glued to only old ways of doing things.*

If you are not willing to leave where you are and learn something new, do not expect new, different and even better things.

You have several avenues to explore, never limit yourself and your world with what you have and know already.

Have a blessed week.

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*Our limitations are not always our weaknesses, they reveal an aspect of our humanness.*

You are not happy and you do not feel fulfilled because you are failing to accept your limitations.

Unless you pretend, the real facts are;

You cannot know everything.

You cannot understand everything.

You cannot do everything.

You cannot answer every question.

You cannot solve every problem.

You are not God, learn to accept your limitations.

You are not all knowing, learn to accept your ignorance.

You are not all powerful, learn to accept your inabilities.

*It is not only pretentious but also hypocritical to behave as if we lack limitations.*

As you accept and work within your limits, do what you can do with all seriousness, diligence and dedication.

God bless and keep you.

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The products from a factory normally determine the identity and worth of the factory.

It is not how quick we are in sharing information but how authentic, accurate, appropriate and permissible they are.

What we normally share tells mostly who we are and what we have.

You are mostly what you share, ponder over these;

Are you too quick to spread Gossips than the Gospel?

Do you take delight in sharing falsehood than the truth?

Are you proud to publicize people’s privacy?

Are bent on compromising confidentiality without any sense of guilt?

Are you exclusively identified in spreading trivialities rather than issues of substance?

*What we share does not only affect the one at the center of the message, it also reveals our identity, credibility, reliability and level of maturity.*

Know what, when, where, whom and how to share, it is a mark of prudence.

God bless you.

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One of the greatest cause of jealousy and hatred is when we always compare people’s abilities to our inabilities.

Everybody is gifted, but not all have discovered their gift.

Not all who have discovered their gifts accept and value them.

Not all who value their gifts are happy with your gift.

Some people see themselves as giftless and good for nothing, not because they are without abilities but because you are exposing them with your effective and productive use of your unique gifts.

Be careful of how you flaunt your gifts, not all are at peace with your gifts.

Your potentials can pose threat to others, be cautious of how make them public.

People may hate and reject you not because of your weaknesses but because of your gifts and potentials.

Be firm and focus, never allow detractors to discourage you from using your gifts.

God bless you.

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If everybody will fail to love you, never deny yourself of self love.

If everybody will reject you, never reject yourself.

If your confidant will betray you, never betray yourself.

If everybody will underrate you, never underrate yourself.

If everybody will discourage you, never stop encouraging yourself.

Nobody but you can be your greatest enemy.
Nobody can treat you better than yourself.

Never join people to rise against you.

The way you see and treat yourself encourages others to do the same to you.

Apart from your Maker, you are your greatest helper.

If the world rises against you, be the first to stand for yourself.

God bless and keep you, throughout the week.

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A transition from somebody to nobody is not always a curse, but a reality.

It extremely difficult to accept the unpleasant but inevitable realities of life.

*No spiritual exercise, no drug or no precautionary measure, can keep us forever young, strong, powerful and even immortal.*

It is not a curse or a pessimistic mentality but a true reality of life.

You are somebody today, you will be nobody tomorrow.

You are young and energetic today, you will surely grow old and weak, tomorrow.

You can do a lot for others today but you cannot do anything for yourself tomorrow.

You are leading and teaching today, you will certainly be taught and led tomorrow.

You are everywhere to be found today, you will be surely be nowhere to be found tomorrow.

Certain unpleasant and hard to accept realities are also inevitable part of life, prepare to face them.

God be with you in every moment of your life.

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