Never allow complaints to blind you.

The fact that our expectations are not met does not mean all is not well, something is well.
You are always complaining of the challenges in the morning. Have you ever thought of those who never see the dawn?
You complain of the stress in your work and relationship. Have you thought of those who are jobless and abandoned?
Sometimes, we complain to over elaborate a single challenge to destroy the beauty of life and reality.
Complaint is a powerful detractor, it blinds us of our blessings, favours, abilities, accomplishments and positive side of reality.
Complaints normally  coach us to over-focus on our weaknesses, inabilities, failures, challenges and the dark side reality.
Move beyond the sentiment of pains of your challenges and value your blessings, abilities and potentials.

God bless you.


Put Yourself in their shoes

You do not know the size and sharpness of the pebble in their shoes, so do not be too quick criticise or laugh at their movement.
It is unfair and insensitive to conclusively judge the actions others without knowing and understanding their state and situation.
Put yourself in their shoes before you can understand their movement.
Before you criticise and condemn them, get closer to know the whole and true story.
Before you blame me put yourself in  my shoes to understand me.
Many have been falsely judge, tagged and condemned, not because they are unredeemably bad but because we are too quick to conclude without verification.
Being quick to judge does not make you critical, it makes you a rash.
Learn to be objective and sensitive in your judgment, it is a mark love and maturity.

Learn how to accept defeat, you are beatable

Winning always does not immune us from defeat.
No individual, group or institution is unbeatable. 
You will never accept the fact that defeat part of your life until you meet your beater.
Many are not only discouraged, they are also broken down easily because they never accepted and prepared for failure.
*Knowing and accepting the realities defeat and failure is not a mark of negatively but objectivity.*
Knowing and accepting the realities of failure and defeat does not cause your failure, it rather helps you to strategize to minimize failure.
No matter your strength and qualities, you can be beaten. Be humble to learn how to accept and manage failure.
Have a blessed week.

Do not compromise what really matters

Sometimes, we hide behind superficial help and care to compromise what really matters in peoples’ life.
The best help we can give to others is to give them seeds, not fruits.
The best care to give to others is to correct, not to judge them.
The best way to show love is to tell people the hard but transforming truth, not to flatter them.
The best way to discipline is to forgive, not to begrudge.
The best way to sympathize with the bereaved is to support and encourage them, not to cry with them.
So far as people are in dire need of our love and care should not give us the chance to treat them anyhow.
Let your generous acts have lasting and fruitful impact on the beneficiaries.
God bless you.

Build on your accomplishments

Life is like a 

preparation to a tournament.
When players channel all their zeal and energy in celebrating their qualification, they are likely to lose stamina and concentration to start the tournament.
Victory opens us to more and stiffer challenges and oppositions.
Having a smooth qualification does not automatically grant a successful tournament.
Success depends on how build on previous accomplishments.
Every stage of life is unique with its attending roles and hurdles.
It is not easy to handle a defeat but the expectations and responsibilities of victory are weighty and demanding.
Do not be complacent by  compliments of victory. 
May you never lose sight  of the task and challenges  ahead even after overcoming the seemingly greatest hurdle in your life.

Act on facts, not on rumours

Speculation, rumour and presumption are born on the topsoil of a rocky ground, they germinate quickly but have short lifespan.
Speculation, rumour and presumption have high speed spreading information but they normally lack truth and accuracy.
Speculation, rumour and presumption are cheap and easily accessible but they are mostly misleading and destructive.
Do not rely on speculations, base your decisions on the reality on ground.
Do not be discouraged by rumours, focus on the available facts.
Do not form perception out of presumption but based on encounter and experience.
You cannot live in peace,

You cannot live peacefully with others and 

You cannot grow,when you are completely motivated by speculation, rumour and presumption.
God bless and keep you.

We value to improve and improve to value.

No one will repair a gadget that is of no value to him or her.
No one will repair a broken relationship that is of no value to him or her.
If you do not accept and value who you are, it will be extremely difficult to improve your life.
If we do not value what we have, we will not invest our time and resources to improve them.
If you do not value and love where you are, you will not work for the development of such place.
You do not work for the growth of your personality, identity, relationships, group and society because you do not love and value them.
A person, place, group or relationship becomes a valuable asset to others when it is loved, accepted and utilised.
Value to improve the value of yourself, what you have and where you are.
God be with you.

Remain focused on the right course…

Sometimes, our good intentions and conducts are misinterpreted because people normally judge actions and events based on their peculiar orientation and experience.
*As you cannot always be right, the one judging your actions cannot always be right.*
Because you are easy-going, many will see you as not serious.
Many will take your discipline and firmness as insensitivity.
Others will interpret your silence as ignorance.
Some will see your tolerance and understanding as being gullible.
Many will see your humility as cowardice.
*Stay focused on the right course, be critical to what people say about you and never allow distortions lead you astray.*
God bless and keep you.

Never destroy you better future with your bitter past

Be very careful of how you manage your unpleasant past experiences, it can easily discourage you, give you false image about yourself and make you bitter and negative.
You worked your heart out but you were never acknowledged and appreciated. Never stop doing what is right.
You took them as your sole source of peace and joy, but they always caused you pain. Learn to make yourself happy.
You completely leaned on them and they caused your fall. Learn to stand alone.
You trusted unreservedly and you were abused. Learn to trust cautiously.
You humbly followed and you were led astray. Learn to follow cautiously.
You were silent and people took you for granted. Learn to make productive use of silence.
*You might have a bitter but never allow it to destroy your better future, learn from it.*
*THANK you for always reading the DAILY PILL. Better and Greater things are in store for you*

It is mostly about you.

A clean cup cannot purify a polluted water.
The new year does not automatically make us new unless we renew our attitude and mentality.
Those who expect good things to happen to them rather than doing their best normally assign morality to days and years.
You have the power to;

Love or reject yourself.

Control or blindly follow your emotions.

Value or underrate yourself.

Utilize or waste your time and opportunities.

Make or mar your life.
Though you do not have control over certain situations, you still have the power to determined how to react to them.
You freely enjoy Divine providence and protection.
*You may have opportunities, resources and strength, but it is mostly about your choice and will to grab and utilize them.*
God be with you and have a dream fulfilling year.