A person is popularly acclaimed as good when his wrong and bad conducts meet the selfish expectations of the masses.

We are mostly condemned as bad and even insensitive when our right and good deeds do not favour the masses.

Some may hate and reject you for upholding the truth, others will love and accept you for compromising the truth to favour them.

It is better to be a good bad person than to be a bad good person.

God be with you.



Your beginnings normally have great impact on your endings, do not take it for granted.

Do not wait to see the red light before you begin to sit up.

Do not wait to go to the extra time before you become serious.

Every moment of your life counts, cherish and utilize any opportunity that comes your way.

God bless you.


Do not over rely on people;

They may not always be there for you.

Learn to do things for yourself;

Your benefactors will not always have the will, the strength and the resource to help you.

You are not self sufficient but do not solely base your existence and wellbeing on the existence and assistance of others.

Strive to be self reliant.