The victim naturally has the public sympathy but the accused normally has the public condemnation.

The accused is not always wrong.

Do not vilify and begrudge the accused until hear their side of the story.

The victim is not always right.

Do not rush to speak for the victim until you hear the other side of the story.

Seek relevant facts, do not just judge out of emotional sympathy, you might be bias to judge wrongly.

God bless and keep you.



When the truth is present on plate of anger and insults, it loses its value, authority and impact.

So far as you have the truth and facts does not mean you can present it anyhow. Check the appropriate and effective means of presentation.

When you are privileged to know the truth, never underrate and disrespect your audience.

God bless and keep you.


We mostly want others to be who we have never dreamt of becoming.

We want a powerful, provident and protective God, but we do not want to be obedient and loving people.

We want best leaders but we do not make any effort to be good citizens.

We want listening and collaborative audience but we do not endeavour to be good speakers.

Communal and national growth is a cooperate responsibility. Do not overlook your roles and keenly expect instant success.

God be with you.