The performance of a character can never make him last on the stage.

Whether the performance is interesting or boring, he will leave the stage with time.

Our birth gives us the chance to perform on the platform of life.

Our good choices and conducts can easily grant us peace, joy and fulfillment in life, but they cannot make us immortal.

Our accomplishments, status, dignity and wealth can make us models but they cannot give us a lasting stay on earth.

Whether you are an asset or liability, good or bad, you will one day exit the world.

Do not build attractive but false hopes on who you are, where you are and what you have, they cannot assure you of immortality.

Love life but be conscious and prepare for the inevitable exit.

God bless and keep you.



No matter how bad the road to your destination, it is the appropriate route to take in order to reach your ultimate goal.

When we take a good road that leads comfortably to a different location, we do not only wander to waste our time, we will never reach our goal.

The road to eternity is uneven, do abandon it for smooth one that might lead you astray.

The road to success is full of hurdles, do not dodge them, they are to fortify you.

The call to safety might be intimidating, do not discard it, it might be your sole source of safety.

We can cut corners, elude the basic principles of life and even use dubious means to be successful overnight but such accomplishments are without firm and credible basis.

Follow authentic and appropriate routes of life not merely attractive ones.

May the Lord be with you.