Never destroy you better future with your bitter past

Be very careful of how you manage your unpleasant past experiences, it can easily discourage you, give you false image about yourself and make you bitter and negative.
You worked your heart out but you were never acknowledged and appreciated. Never stop doing what is right.
You took them as your sole source of peace and joy, but they always caused you pain. Learn to make yourself happy.
You completely leaned on them and they caused your fall. Learn to stand alone.
You trusted unreservedly and you were abused. Learn to trust cautiously.
You humbly followed and you were led astray. Learn to follow cautiously.
You were silent and people took you for granted. Learn to make productive use of silence.
*You might have a bitter but never allow it to destroy your better future, learn from it.*
*THANK you for always reading the DAILY PILL. Better and Greater things are in store for you*


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