Never limit God with your limitation.

Our level of knowledge of God determines how we see and relate to Him.
You might be limited in knowledge, but never let your limitations confine God to time and space.
You might be ignorant, but never let your ignorance make you underrate the might of God.
You might be going through a lot but never let your misfortunes blind you of the goodness of God.
You might be struggling in life but never let it distort the love of God for you.
God is good, loving, merciful, limitless and powerful. 
We are likely to distort the very nature of God when we look at Him solely in our spectacle of ignorance, pains and struggles.
Never lose hope, count on him and you will definitely experience His love and might.
God be with you.


Do not only pick fruits…..

We are mostly interested in the nice fruits from the tree but we do not normally care about what we can put in place to make the tree fruitful.
We are mostly interested in the benefits we can get from others but not what we can do to enhance their wellbeing.
So far as people completely dedicate their lives to serve us in order to make life comfortable and meaningful for us should not keep us blind of their needs.
Sometimes, we are insensitive to the needs and wellbeing of people who are our very source growth, nourishment and joy.
The wellbeing and the progress of those who serve and work for your good is also your wellbeing.
Do not only seek for fruits, also consider the care and nourishment of the tree.
God bless and keep you.

Passionately accepted, passionately rejected

Our input normally determines our expectations and our level of pain and hurt of lost.
When much is invested, the hurt and pain of lost automatically become deeper and stronger.
The higher our praise, the higher our criticism and condemnation when we fail.
*When people totally and passionately love and accept us, they will in consequence reject and hate us passionately, when we lose taste in their mouths.*
Do not be carried away by the acceptance and complements in your hay days, expect similar level of condemnation and rejection in your failures and mistakes.
God be with you.

Your convictions are not always the universal reality

How you see things is not always the reality. Do not be completely convinced with your limited worldview.
What you hear is not always the truth. Do not always blindly believe all what you hear.
Your perception and attitude may best work for your wellbeing but it might obstruct the growth of the masses.
Your ideas may sound nice but they might be of less relevance to the universal truth.
Your choice might be the best for you but it might not serve common good.
You cannot always be right, never let what you see and hear make you ignorant.
Love and appreciate your convictions but it can not always be the universal truth.
God bless you always.

Why do you mostly hate and condemn yourself?

Many of us are enslaved and crippled to grow not because of the activities of our enemies and detractors but due to our self composed detracting activities.
Sometimes, we are totally forgiven but we find it extremely difficult to forgive ourselves.
Many people readily accept us but we sometimes reject and condemn ourselves.
Others acknowledge and appreciate our worth but we see ourselves as good for nothing.
Many love and respect us but we sometimes hate and treat ourselves with contempt.
Sometimes, we are too insensitive and unconcerned to our own wellbeing.
If everybody and every situation works against you, never reject and condemn yourself.
Have a fruitful week.

Do not be too positive and do not be too negative. .

Sometimes, we are too positive to the extent that we are blinded to the weakness in us and in others.
Sometimes, we are too negative to the extent that we see nothing good in us and in others.
We do not live in a perfect and faultless world, do not be unreservedly positive, sometimes, expect some imperfections.
We do not live in an irredeemably corrupt world, do not be too negative, there are still people with good intentions, values and credibility.
So far as things are working in your favour does not make life totally perfect.
So far as things are working against you does not make life totally bad.
Never use your passing situation to conclusively determine the reality of life.
God be with you always.

Great commitment…..

Any action that promises higher positive outcome has the high probability of negative outcome when it fails.
The deeper our love, the greater our joy, but the deeper our hurt.
The greater our investment, the higher our dividend but our higher risk.
The deeper our trust, the greater our commitment but the greater our disappointment.
Every act, depending on our level of commitment has a corresponding impact on us, whether it works or fails.
As you project and predict the favourable consequence of your positive intentions, never forget their side effects.
God bless and keep you always.

You may be weighed down but don’t be broken down..

Naturally, any challenge that comes our way is likely to obstruct and affect us but we should never allow it to destroy us.
Your cross will definitely weigh you down but never allow it to break you down.
Your mistakes may discourage you but never let it demean you.
Your deep trust may disappoint you but never let it destroy you.
Your confidants may betray you but never give them the chance to belittle you.
Your detractors will detract you but never approve their efforts to kill your goals.
Never let your dark side give you identity, learn to manage your  challenges so that it will not destroy you.
God bless you.

What do we have to offer?

We are confidently and gleefully quoting the ideas of our predecessors.
We are zealously building on the strong foundations of our forefathers.
We are enjoying from the fortunes and accomplishments won by toils of our forefathers.
What do we have to offer?
What will the next generation inherit from us?
Will they get any reliable foundation to build on?
Will they get any sustained virtuous conduct to emulate?
Will they get any great works to quote from?
Will they get any strong pillar of values to lean on?
Do not destroy the foundations of the future generations with your carelessness and negligence.
What will the future generations inherit from you?
God bless you and have a productive week.

Do not be carried away by your zeal for the best…

Having the ardent quest for the best does not erase the existence of the worst.
Many are caught up unprepared to face and overcome the challenging and unfavourable moments because they only focus on the positive side of reality.
Never let your love and value for life blind and deafen you about the reality of death.
Never let your zeal to succeed overshadow the reality of failure.
Never let your unreserved trust for others make you overlook the existence of betrayal and disappointments.
Be moved by the zeal for the best but be cautioned by the existence of the worst.
God bless and keep you always.