Give allowance for human error

One of our greatest source of pain is that we expect soo  much from others without giving allowance for human error.
Our greatest hurt normally comes from our genuine and unreserved love for others.
Our trusted confidant is normally our very source of betrayal.
Our greatest disappointment normally emanates from our highest expectations.
Many are easily hurt, disappointed and are living in constant sorrow because they expect total perfection from people striving to be perfect in an imperfect world.
Do not overstress yourself, moderate your expectations, love and trust consciously and cautiously.

God bless and keep you.


Subjective lenses

What is a total trash to you might be an asset to others.
What you see as an excellent performance might be an average to others.
Do not take for granted, the little things you do, they can easily make you the source of hope, direction and inspiration to others.
Do not be carried away by your accomplishments, it could be the source of discouragement and h failure to others.
Your actions cannot always please all but it can touch and move the lives of some.
*An attempt to please all is a bold step towards hypocrisy.*
Do what is right, do your best and leave its relevance to the subjective judgment of the recipients.
God bless you and have a peaceful week.

In your vulnerability, be critical and careful

In the society where the vulnerable and those in need become lucrative targets of abuses and exploitation by the strong, justice, equality and peace become a mirage.
Be on guard, we live in a world full of competition, people are ready to capitalize on;
Your ignorance to project their knowledge.
Your mistake and weakness to portray their strength.
Your inabilities showcase their gifts and talents.
Your failures to prove their achievements.
Your misfortunes to exploit and abuse you.
In your vulnerability, do not be a stooge, be patient, vigilant, critical and careful in your zeal, choices and decisions. 
God be with you and have a great day.

Help at right time

Of what importance are razor blade and a hair dye to the totally bald head?
Of what use is of corrective lens to the totally blind?
Sometimes, our guidance, assistance and  corrections are of less value due the time we carry them out.
Do not look unconcerned for people to find themselves in an avoidable misfortunes before you begin to help them out.
Do not wait for people to miss the apt destination before you guide them.
Do not always wait for people to mess up things before you begin to correct them.
*The best way to show love and care is to guide, correct and help people at the right time.*
God bless you.

Failure, an opportunity to restart, not to blame

Many people find it difficult to face and accept failure.
When we think we do not deserve to fail, it will be extremely difficult to accept failure and grow out of it.
You claim life and people are not fair because you failed to meet your expectations.
Everybody apart from you is bad because you failed to succeed.
Your competitors have become your fiercest enemies because they have outwitted you.
Everybody is your detractor because things are not going as expected.
Most of us are not growing because failure is not an opportunity to restart to grow but an occasion to apportion blames to everybody apart from us.
God bless you and have a great day.

The reality looks nice at a distance

At a distance, the tree in the forest looked beautiful and compact till I personally entered the forest.
As a spectator, the game seemed easy and lucrative until I became a player to know the demands and challenges of the game.
As a pauper, the life of the rich seemed to be free from anxiety and problems. I was blind to the responsibilities, demands and challenges associated to the life of affluence.
Due to our ignorance of what is happening at the other side of the reality, we hastily observe and judge superficially.
Do not relent in your ardent quest to seek greater and better things but be conscious of the very fact that every stage and status of life has its corresponding privileges and challenges.
Do not just aspire and make choices solely based on lucrative looks, check the dark side as well.
God bless you.

I, you and we are the greatest problem

My greatest problem is me.

Your greatest problem is you.

Our greatest problem is us.
Not others but me.

Not others but you.

Not others but us 
My mentality, 

Your attitude, 

Our expectations, 

My desperation, 

Your reactions and 

Our choices mostly and heavily depend on us, not on others
Others can demean, detract and discourage us but they can only succeed when we yield to them. 
I, you and we are first point of reference of change and transformation if we want to progress as individuals and groups.

Success and failure in your life….

Many have been able to make, why are you too doubtful of success. Be hopeful.

Some have failed severally in their  attempts to succeed, why do you think you are immuned from failure. Be humble to learn.

Desperation and complacency are two extremes but powerful hindrances to success and greatness. 

When all things are working perfectly in your favour, do not be carried away, tables can turn.

When all things are working against you, never lose hope and underrate your abilities to succeed, no condition is permenant.

Be vigilante, as there opportunities for your success, there are also factors for your failure.

Good bless and keep you.

Do not only think of yourself…

Self-centeredness is one of the destructive weapons in the world.

It makes us see realities of life strictly from our limited worldview and  lens.

Be a bit sensitive;

Your thoughts and ideas might best work for your rise but they can be the greatest hindrance to common good.

Your roadmap to success can be the finest to your greatness but it can destroy the wellbeing, livelihood and growth of others.

Do not only think and seek your comfort, wellbeing and greatness, consider also, their adverse effects on others and the society.

God be with you always.

Have alternative plans..

Good coaches do not only depend on a single formation and strategy, they make tactical variations depending on the strength and strategy of their opponent.
No matter how promising our plans, it cannot always meet and  overcome all challenges at different places and times.
Sometimes, it is suicidal to be complacent with a single plan and strategy for all  situations in life.
Human beings are not always predictable and things are fast moving in the world so it is less productive to limit yourself to one but crippling plan and strategy.
*You can never succeed with crass rigidity in a dynamic and uncertain world.*
Be flexible and have alternative plans and strategies to meet the changing and uncertain realities of life.
Have a blessed day.