Well wishes are not enough……

It is easier to wish the best for ourselves than to work for the best.

It is easy to affirm the best wishes on our lives but it takes much efforts to put into practice measures to make us succeed.

Our goals will be unachievable when our efforts to excel are restricted to wishful thinking rather than practical action.

Greatness is not attained solely on our thunderous  affirmation on the well wishes showered on us.

Wishful thinking will put you in a comfortable but a deceptive lead but it will keep you far away from your goals.

Wish and affirm the best for yourself but work diligently towards your wishes and goals.

God be with you.


The power of presence and attention

It is not always the quality of ideas, gifts and resources that matter most but their relevance are key in touching the lives of others. 

Sometimes, our resources, gifts and ideas cannot in anyway change the fortunes and situation of people going through certain difficulties.

Sometimes, our presence, not our presents, is  best expression of love and care to the suffering and the abandoned, hope to the hopeless and a motivation to the downhearted.

Sometimes, our attention, not our words, is enough to make the distressed and deserted feel loved.

Never underestimate the power of your presence and time with the bereaved, hopeless and the rejected, you could be their very source of love, hope and inspiration.

God bless and keep you.

Do not waste your ingredients to success

When we waste our cooking ingredients and overlook our cooking skills, the intended quantity and quality of the meal are mostly compromised.

Your time, energy, resources, skills, opportunities and zeal are basic ingredients to your success and  greatness.

Do not waste your time and energy on useless ventures, you might not have them for productive activities in time to come.

Do not waste your skills and resources on unsupportive relationships and activities, you may be handicapped when you meet the appropriate and supportive people and opportunities.

Do not waste any opportunity that comes your way, it might be your only opportunity in life.

Be very mindful and tactful of where, when and how you invest your time, energy, resources and zeal.

God be with you always. 

Prevention is far productive than Solution.

It takes much stress, energy and resources to quench a blazing fire than to prevent fire outbreak.

Our mark of responsibility does not merely depend on our ability to solve problems but mostly on our proactive-ness to prevent problems.

Those who take things for granted and invest their time and resources in solving preventable problems impede their own growth and greatness.

When our efforts and zeal are solely channelled into problem solving rather problem preventing, growth and productivity are greatly obstructed.

Solution is not always the best option. Plan to prevent problems.

Do not always wait for things to get out of hand before you become serious to solve them.

God bless and keep you.

You remain the greatest contributor to your success

Nobody can best work out your success for you than yourself. You mostly hold the key to your success.
We can be greatly talented and equipped but it does not readily guarantee our greatness. We have to utilize our gifts productively to attain greatness.
We can get supportive environment and golden opportunities to success but they do not automatically grant us success. We have to utilise our chances.
The efforts of your competitors and detractors can be obstructed but that does not automatically grant you success, you have to work for your success.
Great people could inspire and motivate you but it is up to you to implement appropriately their useful guidance to achieve success.
Do not over depend on the actions and failures of others for your success.
People and situations can work for your good but you remain the greatest contributor to your success.
God be with you always.

Your duty, not your beauty

Our worth does not merely hinge on how we appear but hugely based on what we do.
Many are investing so much in their appearance rather than equipping themselves to carry out their duties efficiently.
It is good to appear nice but it is of less relevance to your growth and greatness.
*Your beauty can easily lure admirers and lovers to yourself but it cannot equip you with ideas to work for greatness.*
Life is not a beauty context to be evaluated on appearance. Work diligently for you will be assessed on what you do.
May you always focus on your duty, not solely on your beauty.