Never sacrifice your health for wealth

Our inordinate need for wealth and property can easily blind us from seeking what matter most in life.
Those who only focus on acquiring wealth without considering their health normally get the wealth to work for their health.
It is better to be poor and lonely in your healthiness than to be wealthy and bedridden with  multitude of caring companions.
*Life in us, healthiness and inner peace are highly irreplaceable. Never sacrifice your health for wealth.*
Create wealth out of your health and never allow the hardship of life force you to sacrifice your inner peace and life for wealth.
God bless and keep you always.


When our enemies become our coaches

Even when all our detractors and enemies are  silenced, we cannot make any headway in life if we do not work diligently towards our goal.
Many of us have been blocked from reaching our goal because we are mostly driven by the threats of our detractors and enemies.
*When your enemies and detractors become your coach in life, they dictate your movement and destination to suit their wishes.*
Serious minded and purpose driven people do not waste their time and resources on detractors, they rather concentrate on what they can do to reach their goal.
Stay focused and do not be distracted by the actions of your detractors.
God bless you.

You can make it, just begin

If we do not start, we will never get there.
I never knew I can run till I started to crawl.
I never knew I was eloquent till I began to have the courage to communicate in my fambling. 
I never knew I can succeed in life till I began to try.
I never knew I was gifted till I began to use the little I had.
I never knew I was loved till I started to appreciate what God and people do for me.
*Many people are not making any significant headway in life because they lack the courage to start.*
The task ahead of you might be huge but you need the will and the zeal to start.
You can make, you have a lot in you, have the courage to start.
God bless and keep you.

Be bold to accept painful but useful truths

Effective drugs are mostly bitter and nauseating to swallow but they are mostly the source of healing to the sick.
Some truths are too difficult to accept but they are potent recipe to success and a sure problem-preventing measure.
Some rejections are hurting and heartbreaking but they could save us from troubles.
Sometimes, it is better to painfully let go than to hold on to destroy your inner peace and zeal to progress.
*Do not be afraid to abandon your rootless but comforting conducts and connections that will destroy you in future.*


Be bold to accept the painful but useful truths and rejections in life, they could be your source of growth.
God bless you.

Your goal determines your challenge

Every goal has a  challenge and every challenge prepares and fortifies us for our goal.
*When we focus heavily focus on our goal, possibility becomes our mindset.*
When we over focus on our challenges, our mind gradually tunes to impossibility.
As you work on your challenges never lose sight of your goal.
As you strive to reach your goal, do not overlook your challenges.
May you always make conscious strides to know and prepare for the challenges linked to your goals.
Have a blessed week.

The Potent Power of Power of Perception

Our perceptions can be highly devastating when they are formed on false and fragile foundations.
*Our perception can easily blind, deafen and cripple us when they are not carefully formed and managed.*
Many are not seeing the strength in themselves and in others, because they only see the dark side of reality.
Some are not implementing godly and prudent directives, because they see them as inefficient.
Others are not reaching their goals because they see impossibility in every venture in life.
Be very careful of your perception, it can easily blight your bright future.
God bless you.

The recipient of the action normally determines the reaction.

We do not have absolute control of how people should react to our actions.
*We live in a world where people judge the quality and morality of a conduct based on the direct benefit they get from it.*
Do not be surprised when people laud you in your negligence and irresponsibility, it might be functional to them.
Do not be discouraged when people blame you for being responsible and competent, it might be a great challenge to them.
Bear in mind,  your commendable conducts will not always trigger accepting and complimentary reactions.
Likewise, your condemnable conduct will not always be disapproved.
Learn to be positively firm and focused irrespective of the unsupportive reactions of others.
God bless and keep you.

More room for improvement

Great improvement in your life does not make you a finest finished product to limit your room for improvement.
Be humble to learn to go beyond your current state;
Some are intelligent than you but they are still learning.
Some are more eloquent than you but they are silent usefully.
Some are gifted and talented than you but they humble to know more.
Some are more experienced than you but they are open to new ideas.
Some are holier than you but they are still seeking avenues to be better versions of themselves.
Some are richer and more endowed than you but they are still exploring avenues to be richer and more productive.
*Do not be carried away by your current achievements, there is more room for better and greater accomplishments.*
Value who you are but make conscious efforts to be better.
God bless you

Your expectation decides your commitment

We usually invest at where we expect to get greater and better dividends.
Naturally, No one will invest at where he or she does not expect get anything good.
Our expectations normally influence our attitude, input and zeal.
The quality and the level of our love, trust and faith in the Divine, individuals or groups determine our level of loyalty and commitment.
*Do not expect to get anything good from where you sow and expect nothing good.*
May you always set reasonable and achievable expectations to inspire you to act aptly.
God bless you and have a productive week.

Be sensitive

Sometimes, we are too insensitive to those who struggling to live up to expectation.
*So far as you can act perfectly does not make everyone flawless.*
You have been able to cross the bridge so you are not patient with the one struggling to cross.
You can now run so you look down on those crawling.
You can now speak eloquently so you are impatiently mocking the one fambling.
Do not proud in your competence.
Be sensitive to the struggles and flaws of beginners, you were once like them.
God bless and keep you.