Your gifts are not enough

We cannot produce quality and delicious meal when we have the required ingredients and utensil but lack cooking skills.
*Your gifts and abilities are very important but they are not enough to make you succeed in life, you have to know and abide by the rules governing life.*
Many gifted people have failed miserably in life because of disobedience and indiscipline.
Do not be carried away by your gifts, seek and engage in supportive  conducts and attitudes that will make your gifts useful.
No matter how you have been gifted and equipped, you cannot succeed without obedience and discipline.
*Are your gifts enough for you to succeed?*


How you grow?

We cannot feed on junk food and expect to be healthy. 
*We grow by engaging in growth-enhancing conducts.*
You only see people and messages as motivational only when they conform and confirm your expectations and plans, 

How can you grow?
You see those who challenge your irresponsibility as enemies and detractors, 

How can you grow?
You are highly focused on what is popular and fashionable rather what is reasonable and useful,

How can you grow?
You hinge your value and dignity on what you use rather rather what you do, 

How can you grow?
Growth comes from a conscious  decision and effort, growth does not just happen to us.
God bless you.

A toaster makes a stale bread looks fresh but it does not really make it fresh.
People, situations and things that look similar are  not always the same.
Your positive mentality can easily paint a nice picture about you and your world but it does not perfect you and your world.
Based on our limited knowledge and uninformed judgment, we can easily adjudged ourselves as best and flawless.
Be critical and unbiased in your observation in order not form a nice but a false image about yourself and others.
Remain in the love and peace of God.

The does not justify the means

Doing the wrong thing for the wellbeing of others does not make us right and flawless.
People are not likely to be critical to analyze the moral imports of our actions in so far as they benefit positively from them.
Popular silence on our bad conducts does not cover up the moral implications of our actions.
Your good intentions can never make your bad conducts right.
*Having the finest goal and destination does not justify the means to reach it.*
Do not be carried away, popular silence on your wrongdoings and the immense benefit they enjoy from your wrong choices do not make you faultless.
A wrong choice is still wrong even if it beneficial and uncriticized.
God bless you and keep you.

You most need others to be who you are

A cork may seems valueless, but a bottle gains much value with a cork.
Our identity, value and dignity mostly lies in the existence of those who seem insignificant.
You cannot be a meaningful speaker without a listener.
You cannot be a leader without a follower.
You cannot be a lord without a servant.
You cannot be a victor without a loser.
Without patients, the role of a doctor becomes useless.
You cannot be adjudged the best when you do not outwit the worst.
Our work, wealth and worth are mostly hinged on the activities and the patronage of the less privileged.
Never look down on those who seem to play insignificant role in your life, their seeming uselessness  makes you who you are.
God bless and keep you.

Giving advice does not make you superior to others.

Sometimes, an observer can best guide and guard than the participant.
Giving advice does not make us superior to the one advised.
You may have the chance to advice others not because you are blameless and always better than them but because of your position, status, and unfortunate situations people find themselves.
We listen to advice not because we are lack wisdom and values but because we want to grow.
Never feel proud to look down on others when you get the chance to guide their conducts.
Never underrate and demean yourself when you people advice you.
Capitalize on sound advice to smoothen your rough edges to be the better version of yourself.
God bless and keep you safe throughout the week.

Know , understand before you judge

You do not know the size and the sharpness of the pebble in my shoes so be very sensitive when you criticise the way I walk.
You do not know what I am going through so be careful of how you hastily judge my actions.
You do not know how I feel so be a bit fair in accusing me of my reactions.
When we only observe people from a distance, we are likely to make hasty and wrong judgements about them.
*Never make firm and conclusive judgments on issues and conducts you lack full knowledge.*
Do not only observe, know and understand people before you make firm conclusions about them.
May the Lord always strengthen you.

Don’t be selfish

One of the basic impediments to collective growth is self centeredness.
Many are thinking about themselves rather than the wellbeing of all.
*Development will be extremely difficult for a group or a nation when individual interest is highly upheld than the common good of all.*
Your success as an individual does not automatically  lead to the success of your group but the success of your group to some larger extent affects the individual members of the group.
Your success will be under great threat when you are surrounded by a group of unsuccessful people.
As you seek your personal interest, never overlook the common good.
God bless and keep you.