Your worth is not solely dependent on the views of your critics.

Our indifference and our zeal to know are clearly exposed when we completely trust and value the comments of observers than the stance of  participants.
Do we have to wait for our critics to  acknowledge our worth before we value and have confidence in ourselves?
Do we have to wait for our competitors to value and to imitate our strategies before we value who we are, what we have and where we are?
*You do not need the approval of your critics and outsiders before you can trust the authenticity of what you do*
Your value is not dependent on the perceptions of your critics and competitors.
Accept, value and love yourself first.
God bless you.


You do not only need resources, you also have to be discipline to succeed..

Having the best driving skills and a well maintained vehicle are not enough to safe us from road accidents, it also depends on how we comply with road safety rules.
Having the finest tool is not enough to facilitate our efficiency. It also depends on how we prudently and effectively use the tool.
In spite of their valuable resources, many individuals, institutions and nations are struggling to develop because they are over focused on their resources to the detriment of the rules guiding the usage of such resources.
*You may be intelligent, well trained and equipped with opportunities to succeed but indiscipline can easily cause your failure in life.*
On the road to success, it is not enough to be endowed, equipped with golden opportunities, you have to be disciplined.
God bless and keep you.

Be bold to face the healing hurts of life.

One glaring trait of those who fear injection is that, they normally close their eyes or look away when the needle is inserted in their skin.
Interestingly, this timid move does not in any way take away the pains and hurts from the needle injection.

*1: Overlooking the existence of your problem only gives you a temporal relief, it does not solve it.*
*2: Be bold enough to face the joy and success giving pains and healing hurts of life.*
May you always be strengthened and endowed to go through the desert that precedes your promise land.
Have a Grace-filled week.

Your success does not always erase your weakness, be humble

When a student passes his or her exam with distinction, it does merely mean he or she knows everything.

When a partially fit player manages to play a match successfully, it does not automatically mean he has fully recovered from injury.

*You can succeed in your deficiency and injury but success does not erase your deficiency and heal your injury.*

Do not be complacent with your current accomplishments, it can easily paint a nice but false image about your abilities and weaknesses.

You success is not the end of your progress, it should be a platform for evaluation, correction and improvement for further and better successes.

Have blessed weekend.

Learn to walk alone

Newly born babies are helpless, so they completely depend on maternal care for their survival and wellbeing.
At the early stages of breastfeeding, lactating mothers carefully guides their nipple into the mouth their babies.
With time, babies begin to locate, grab and suck the breast themselves when they are hungry.
In the process of weaning, babies gradually abandon breastfeeding to spoonfeeding and to the feeding of themselves
*1: People, opportunities and privileges will not always  be there for you.*
*2: Do not completely depend on others for your survival, wellbeing, success and joy.*
*3: Learn to do things on your own, nobody can best work your salvation, joy and success than yourself.*
Remain in the Peace of the Lord.

Be cautious of how you open up to people…

Experiencing great  warmth in her congested room, Aku, on one sunny but windy afternoon keeps her window ajar to allow fresh air into her room.
Surprisingly, the widely opened window did not only allow fresh air into the room, it also paved way for dust, rubbish to enter the room.

Worst of all, a thief, through the window, went away with some valuable belongings of Aku.
*1: Set limits on who can come into your life, you can be free with everybody but not all can be your friend.*
*2: When we are too open, we do not only lure people to be our friends, we also give our enemies, the chance to distract and to destroy us.*
*3: Do not only aspire joy, peace and company from your openness, prepare yourself to be soiled, hurt and betrayed.*
Have a blessed day.

The over ambitious is capable of doing anything

As I keenly watched the hunting skills of an experienced hunter

 from the top of a tree, I became convinced of what human beings are capable of doing when they are burnt on reaching their target.

In his attempt to lure and to shoot a wandering antelope, Vuu suddenly began to crawl and moan like an antelope in need.

This immediately attracted the attention of innocent antelope to turn to the direction of the seeming helpless antelope.

At the full glare of the antelope, Vuu expertly and accurately shot and killed the antelope.


1: Be very cautious, people are capable of doing anything to reach their intended target, especially when they are over ambitious.

2: Do not be too quick to trust unreservedly, people can easily pretend to be good or in need, in order to fulfill their mission.

3: When people are soo keen on reaching their destination, they do not normally  consider the negative effects of their means to reach it.

*Do not be too zealous. You can easily hurt, disgrace, cheat, abuse and even kill to reach your goal.*

God bless you.

It pays to be patient…

After a stressful journey  in the night, Kunfum and Chidadia, were served with a very hot beverage in the morning.

Whiles Kunfum was patiently sipping his hot beverage, Chidadia, moved with hunger, hurriedly poured the hot beverage into his mouth.

He did not only suffer burns in the mouth, also he could not even swallow a drop of the beverage because he immediately spewed it out of his mouth.

Kunfum became satisfied due to his patience, whiles Chidadia remained hungry and hurt due to his impatience.

*1: Patience is not always a waste of time, it is a safe and gradual steps to reach your goal.*

*2: When you approach life with patience, you gradually reap and enjoy its fruits.*

*3: When you rush in your daily dealings, you are likely not only to miss your goal, you can also hurt yourself and others.*

*4: It is better to reach your destination late but safe and sound, than rush to miss or to reach your destination injured.*
God bless you, have a great week.

Bear edible and lasting fruits..

It is not enough to start, you have to grow.

It is not enough to grow, you have to bear fruits.

It is not enough to bear fruits, you have to bear edible fruits.

It is not enough to bear edible fruits, you have to bear lasting edible fruits.

Life becomes valuable only when it is lived meaningfully and profitably.

*Our existence form the very basis of whatever we do, but it is not enough to lead us to greatness.*

Make use of the best in you to bear edible and enduring fruits for yourself and the society.

Have a blessed weekend.

Do not over focus on past glories.

The survival and the promising future of a plant is mostly in its viable seeds, not only in its fruits.

The future of every group and institution is not only hinged on their past glories but hugely on future plans ambitiously pursued in the present. 

*Your progress is not solely based on your previous achievements but on your plans and intentions today.*

It is good to have past experiences and achievements but they are not enough to guarantee your success.

You have to relaunch your strategies, efforts and zeal for your success.

Do not over rely on your past, focus on your plans and what you can do today.

God bless you.