Focus on what you can do…

It is not only the heaviness of the burden that matters most but the mind and the strength to carry it.

It is not only the problem that matters most but the life, will, mind, attitude and zeal behind it.

Do not be intimidated and discouraged by seeming difficulty of tasks and roles before you, rather, focus on what you can do.

*We have no control over the nature of our opponents and challenges of life, but we have the power to study our opponents, tasks and challenges to equip ourselves and design a suitable strategy to face them.*

You can be easily frightened and discouraged by the difficulty of your roles and challenges when you overlook what you can do.

Work on your strength, mentality, will, attitude and zeal, they are moving forces to your growth and success.

God abundantly bless you.


Appearance is sometimes deceptive

Appearance does not always point to a specific character or reality.

Nice and attractive appearance does not always lead to a positive reality. 

It is easier to manipulate and deceive others under the guise of nice appearance than in an unattractive looks. 

Do not just judge and trust people and groups based solely on their position and fame but also on the integrity and credibility of their conduct.

We do great harm to ourselves and others when we over focus on mere appearance and popular perceptions to make firm conclusions for ourselves and others.

May you be always careful and considerate when dealing with unfamiliar personalities and groups. 

Appearance can easily give you an attractive but a wrong image of others.

Have a blessed day.

You need to rational as well

So far as you are growing spiritually does not mean you should downplay the use of reason to lose your critical mind.

*We do not need faith alone to be spiritually sound, you need to be reasonable and critical as well.*

Being critical should not be equated to being doubtful.

Being critical is a step towards the revelation of hidden facts and eventually gives us firm conviction of what we profess.

Use your reason to understand your faith and use your faith where your reason cannot go beyond.

God bless you and Happy Sunday.

Value your uniqueness

The same type of seed may be sown on the same land, on the same day and even be harvested on the same day but one interesting fact is that their fruits are of different sizes and shapes.

Even twins born on the same day, brought up on the same environment, do not think and behave the same way. 

We are uniquely made with particular traits, abilities and inabilities.

*Your uniqueness is your primary identity, learn to value and appreciate your uniqueness.* 

Knowing who we are, is a step towards self acceptance and improvement of oneself.

Accept yourself to root out the inferiority, jealousy, envy and hatred in you.

You cannot be the  other person, never allow the uniqueness of others make you devalue yourself.

You are specially made, love and value yourself. 

Uphold the dignity of others

Dignity is like the rays from the sun, no one can monopolize it. 

As the intensity of heat and the brightness of light from the sun on you do not in anyway affect the function of the sun on others, your growth in fame and dignity should not lead to the shame of others.

*It is a clear display of fear and selfishness to consciously soil the reputation of others to uphold your dignity.*

Our maturity is in question when we deliberately work against others because we see their growth as a threat to our dignity and fame.

Dignity and fame generated out of the shame of others is like a shallow rooted plant, it grows quickly but has short life span.

As you work for your own dignity at your own direction and pace, uphold the dignity of those around you.

The Lord be with you.

You cannot change your past, learn from your past.

We have no control over our past but we can easily determine what to do presently. 

Our progress in life is not solely based on our past achievements and failures but mostly on our goals, plans and strategies today.

Our worth is not solely dependent on what we were unable to do in the past but we are capable of doing today.

Do not be discouraged and hindered by your unsuccessful and unpleasant past. 

*You cannot change your past but you can easily improve upon your present for a better future.*

Do you waste your energy, ideas, time and resources in trying to change the unchangeable, rather invest in what you can change. 

There are a lot you can do now just that you have allowed your unpleasant past to negatively dictate your value, goal, perception, attitude and zeal in life.

May you always learn and grow from your past.

God bless and keep you.

Do not rush to make firm conclusions..

The green light in the traffic light directs us to go when the road is clear.

In life, not all opportunities are to be utilized. Opportunities are cautiously utilized based on their appropriateness and usefulness.

*Do not rush to make firm conclusions in life based on known perceptions.*

Not all beautiful doors lead to nice rooms.

Not all favours and privileges usher us to success.

Not all poor beginnings lead to failure.

Be very watchful when making use of opportunities especially, when they are from a respectable and reliable authority.

Critically examine golden opportunities before you apply them to your particular situation.

May you not just move through the opened door, move with patience and with caution.

God bless you.

Pause and reflect..

The journey of life is not only long, it is also full of hurdles.

To arrived safely and successfully at our intended destination, we need at certain point time, have to pause, reflect and evaluate the distance covered and the distance to be covered.

*Life is not a rat race to run uninterrupted.*

Sometimes, the burdens and the fatigue of life can easily make us lose focus and interest in our zeal to reach our target.

Recreation is not a waste of time but an opportunity to renew our strength and zeal.

Never allow your ardent zeal to succeed make you compromise your basic need to recreate, rest and self evaluation.

God bless you.

Focus on your goal..

On the road to  success and glory, we bound to meet different people and circumstances.

Some people will treat us well, others will be hostile to us. 

Some circumstances will bring us down, others will urge us on.

When we are keenly focused on our destination, the effects of the obstructions and the discouragements from people and circumstances

are greatly reduced.

*Every experience in life is an opportunity to learn and to grow for the focused and determined mind.*

Overcoming challenges and discouragements are essential steps to succeed in life.

May you not be distracted by your challenges but always be inspired by your goals in life.

Have a blessed day.