Never stop the race…

Athletes are not crowned in halfway of the race, they are rather crowned  at the  end of the race. 

*Never stop the race, until you come face to face to the reward and the crown of your race.*

Amidst the hurts  hurdles of life, never give up, keep on till you reach your goal.

Never give in to discouraging  suggestions from your inabilities, detractors and unsavory circumstances you  find yourself.

Until the race of life is over, never ever implement and even entertain the thought of giving up.

Keep on, no matter your weakness and the strength  of your detractors for you might not know your position  until the race is over.

Keep on, you are not glued to failure, you can make it with  unwavering zeal and discipline.

May you never be discouraged as you make positive moves to reach your goal. 

God bless and keep you.


Act productively

*The fisherman wastes his resources, time and energy when the bait is more valuable and costly than the fish he intends to trap.*

Sometimes, we engage in certain activities just to keep ourselves busy not because they are productive. 

We can best know the productive level of our actions when we critically compare the quality of our input with the quality of our output.

Do not just work, work productively.

Do not just invest, invest wisely.

Do not just move, move towards the right direction.

You will only succeed in life when you engage in productive ventures.

Have a great day.

Move beyond your limitations…

If you cannot think  far, do not expect to go far in life. 

Shallow thinkers normally have blur vision and weakened  zeal to overcome the hurdles on the road of life. 

Deep and insightful thinkers usually have clear vision and strong zeal to overcome challenges  to travel far in life.

*You have been greatly endowed, you need to explore more to unearth your hidden gifts. Do not lead your life  as if you are perpetually deprived  of opportunities to succeed in life.*

Do not pride yourself of your inability to see and think beyond the present.

May you always make  conscious strides to move beyond your limitations.

God bless you.

Help those who really need help..

Seedlings need a lot of care and attention than a fruiting tree.

A society or a group will hardly develop;

When dead are honoured and celebrated than the living.

When the satisfied are fed whiles the empty stomach remains hungry.

When the strong are protected whiles the weak remain unsecured.

When the rich are exposed to numerous opportunities and privileges whiles the poor are underprivileged.

What significant  improvement have we made when we feed the satisfied and protect  the already  secured?

*We have no moral authority to adjudge ourselves to be great and successful when our accomplishments do not have any significant and positive impact on those in need.*

May you always be generous to who really need help.

Have a great day.

Learn to initiate….

How can we grow if we do not learn and make any effort initiate?

*How can we be innovative and creative when we are always making duplicates, appropriating to ourselves and sharing the ideas, works and achievements of others?*

Never allow the useful achievements of others dampen your zeal to initiate.

You have a wide portion of you brain yet to utilized.

You have a lot of potentials yet to be discovered.

You are not thinking deep and far because you are solely depending on already prepared answers.

Great people do not necessarily bring out something new, they learn from others to produce similar ideas and works.

May you always learn to depend on others in order to be independent.

Have a grace filled week.

Seek insight not only sight…

It is better to lose our  sight than to lose our vision.

It is dangerous to lack insight and vision than to lack sight.

It is not enough  to have sight, we have  to have insight and vision as well.

Our sight normally  satisfies our inner zeal to know but our insight gives us clearer and deeper meaning and understanding  about the reality.

With vision and insight, we can, know, travel far and achieve more even in our sightlessness but we cannot make any remarkable achievement even in our sightedness when lack vision and insight. 

*Greatness and success are not attained with mere sight but with deep insight and vision.*

May you always allow the divine light not only to heal your physical  sightlessness but also to grant you insight and vision. 

Have a Blessed Sunday.

Give allowance for rejection

In an objective test, no matter how distinct and clear the right answer, not all will choose  the best  option. 

When there are options to choose from, do not expect everybody to always make choices that will favour you.

Not all best  products are chosen.

Not all best proposals are accepted.

Not all dignified invitations are honoured.

Not all good suggestions  are considered. 

You may have the finest ideas and best recommendations but do not expect everybody to buy them.

You may have a saintly character but not all will  love and admire  you.

No matter how best your personality, ideas and policies do not expect to get total popular approval.

May you always give allowance for rejection even when you are the best option.

Have a great weekend.

Be charitable to yourself…


Our opponents and foes are soo fierce and serious that they will not let any chance go unutilized to defeat us.

*When we keep on scoring own goals in life, we do not only lessen and cushion the strides of our opponents to cause our downfall, we cause our own doom before they even make an effort.*

Be a bit charitable to yourself by making deliberate efforts to reduce occasions, people, places and ideas the can easily ruin your life.

Life is not an easy venture but you have a very crucial part to play to enhance you success or failure.

Life is full of ups and downs, never let your carelessness and negligence glue you to the downs and defeats of life.

May you always be vigilant to make conscious strides to prevent the preventable and to leave the rest to God.

Enjoy the protective care of God.

Get closer to know the true worth and nature..

The position and the distance of which we look at a reality mostly determine how we see it.

Do not expect to see the positive side of life and reality when you only focus on the dark side.

Life may seem to be boring, uninspiring and overburdening simply because you are over worrying about your weaknesses and what you lack.

Balance them with your strength and what you have.

You may judge some people and groups to be the best or the worst based on the distance and the angle from which you view them.

Your past experiences and your preconceived notions can easily paint a nice but not always the true picture of others, groups and realities of life.

Get closer to people, groups, institutions and realities, with untainted view and unbiased mind to know their true worth and nature.

God bless and keep you.

Do not decide out of fear…

The most certain, immediate and easiest reaction to misfortune is fear and people in fear are more prone to resort solely to religion rather than to evaluate and learn from their contributions to that misfortune.

*Do not hide behind religion and the works of the evil spirits to justify and to overlook your crass indiscipline, irresponsibility and negligence.*

Religion is intrinsic to growth but it is not a sole requirement to prevent and deal with  all problems and misfortunes of life.

*There is no better and authentic prayer than obedience and responsible conduct pleasing to God and growth propelling.*

Not all challenges need to approached spiritually, we have been endowed to prevent and even to solve certain problems of life.

Never take your roles for granted it can cause your ruin and that of the society.

God bless and keep you.