Don’t be selfish

One of the amazing ironies of life is, everybody wants the best but few want to give out their best.

Many want to be well treated but few want to treat others well.

Many want to be loved genuinely and be trusted but few are ready to trust and love genuinely.

We will certainly crawl or stall in growth as individuals, couples, group and nation when we only think and appropriate every good thing to ourselves, without being sensitive to the needs of others.

Self centeredness does not only put others and the society at the disadvantaged, it is also a self set trap which will one day cause the downfall of the self centred.

Selfishness is attractive but it is not always productive.

May you always seek the good of others, it is a divine trait and an unconscious self help.

God bless you.


The Choice is yours

Life may offer us great opportunities to succeed or to fail but the choice is unquestionably ours.

Situations, people and the environment can influence us but the choice is still ours.

Our place, position and status in life are hugely hinged on the choices we make.

Most of the misfortunes and challenges of life are mainly the consequence of our bad and uncalculated choices.

Under normal circumstances, you cannot select a hip life track on the album of life and expect to dance to reggae song.

Every moment of your life offers you options to choose from, may you always be guided to make relevant and prudent decisions in life.

God bless you.

God still loves and care….

Having feverish symptoms do not automatically mean that you are suffering from fever.

Misfortunes and challenges of life are not conclusive signs of the Lord’s abandonment.

Sometimes, hardships and  unpleasant situations in life can easily force us to question God’s  care and love for us.

God in his love never forgets and abandons us. We sometimes reject his ways in our dark moments.

Anxiety and complains cannot help you in your difficulties, be hopeful but trust and cling to the Lord and he surely make a way for you.

Have a blessed day.

You have been endowed, conform to perform.

Never downgrade your worth, you have been endowed to shape and improve your life.

The Lord in His Providence has formed, endowed and equipped us with all that it takes to make it in life.

He has given us life, the hinge which holds all life’s activities.

He has also given us the platform, opportunities to bring the best in us.

Having been formed, strengthened and equipped, it is up to us conform to the rules of life to  perform.

You have a lot of veiled and untapped gifts in you; make prudent use of them to make the best version of yourself.

Have a great weekend.

Be careful of friends…

Friendship is like salt in food, the quantity and the quality will automatically affect the taste of the food.

The values and the vices of our friends will one way or the other affect the  quality of our lives.

Too much salt can change the taste of food but it does not determine the quality of the food.

A successful life is not merely measured by the number of friends and connections we have but partly by the quality of friendship.

Be very cautious of your choice of friends, the more you add up false and opportunistic friends, the more you put your  life, goal and dignity in danger.

Are you using your friendship to make or mar, hurt or heal the lives of others?

Have a great day.

Appearances are not always conclusive……

Wearing a royal garment makes you look like a royal but it does not automatically make you a royal.

Being in tatters and in gutters does not make you a pauper, it rather makes you look like a pauper.

Appearance does not always paint the correct picture of a reality.

Appearance does not always correspond to inner worth.

Not all in dignified appearance have credible values and character.

Not all in unpleasant and shameful appearance are bad people.

Do not be too quick to  perceive, judge and decide solely on appearance.

Appearances are not always conclusive; they can be genuine and they can be deceptive.

God bless and keep you.

Do not make rush judgement..

It is unfair to evaluate and make conclusive judgement on the performance of an individual or a group at their first appearance.

Some people may begin on the wrong note but can make amends to end on the right note.

Others may start well but challenges and  complacency can easily make them lose track.  

Where and how you start does not matter most, but where you are heading to and what you will become due to your decision matters most.

When all is well with you, do not be complacent, strive for better and greater accomplishments.

When the table turns against you, do not be discouraged, intensify your zeal, skills and efforts towards your goal.

God bless you

Your principles are not always the best…

So far as an ideology or a practice has become part and parcel of us for ages, does not always make it right and good for the wellbeing of all.

Sometimes, we hastily conclude that what is good and practicable for us is always right and  good for all.

A strategy or a practice may best work for your rise but it may cause the downfall of others.

Do not be carried away by your long term personal principles and practices, it  cannot be a strict yardstick to all. 

Not all time tested practices are flawless.

Your long term practice does not merely make it right, best and sacrosanct.

As you accept and value what you do, give room for improvement.

God bless you and have a productive week.

Go beyond your tendency to revenge….

Hating and praying against our enemies do not make us holy, it rather intensifies enmity with others.

Loving and praying for our enemies is not a mark of the weak, it is a means to perfection.

The authenticity of our religious practice is in great doubt when it does not encourage us to go beyond our natural tendency to revenge.

It is not easy but possible to do away with grudges and revenge.

We can find inner peace and joy when we focus on God, not on the enemy, forgive, think and work for the good of others.

May you be inspired to go beyond your inadequacies.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Input determines expectation….

We are likely to live in perpetual sorrow and anxiety when we form ourselves and vow to live in simplicity but entertain higher taste for luxury.

Every way of life has a specific preparation, attitude and expectation.

One of the cause of unfulfillment in life is planing and working averagely but keenly and strictly expecting  an excellent outcome.

Never think of reaching your desired goals and destination when your energy, strategy and zeal invested are clearly inadequate to help you reach your intended target.

It will be extremely difficult for a mediocre mentality, attitude and performance to yield a excellent results. 

May you always consider your input before you aspire a specific target.

Have a great weekend.