Input normally determines output

The quality and the quantity of the ingredients will determine the quantity and quality of the food to be prepared.
Life normally plays back to us similarly, if not exactly what has been recorded.

A pessimistic thought, a lazy attitude and an abysmal performance can never generate an excellent result.

Be very conscious and serious with what you think, say and do today, it will certainly give you a corresponding outcome.

Who you want to be and 

Where you want to be hugely depend on what you do today.

May you always strive to sow good and viable seeds in order to reap finest and edible fruits.

Remain in the love of God.


Have a strong and positive mentality…

One of the greatest distinction between strong and weak minds is how they react to situations.

Weak minds see impossibility in everything but strong minds see possibility no matter how gloomy the situation.

Our zeal and energy are generated based on how the mind perceives the reality or task ahead.

When our perception coaches us to have a positive mentality, our ability and zeal to succeed are activated.

Strong minds are mostly positive, they are not easily discouraged.

Weak minds are naturally negative, they are easily distracted and discouraged.

You need a strong mentality to think beyond your current joys and pains.

You will only be strengthened by God and others only when you convincingly and confidently say, “I CAN”.

May you be inspired to develop a strong and positive attitude.

Have a blessed week.

Blessings are received in activity not in passivity

We do not befriend darkness and begrudge light and at the same time expect light to shine on us.

We do not promote the works of the devil and expect the Lord to reward us.

Ordinarily, those who want favours always try to please and obey the one they seek favours from. 

God is all knowing, hence, we cannot deceive Him with our pretentious deeds and words.

It is absurd to work for a company and expect to be paid by its opposing company.

To attain His favours and blessings, seek the Lord with undiluted humility, Obey His commands and do what is demanded of you.

Divine Blessings are received in activity, not in passivity.

It is not enough to say or type *Amen*, you need to  act as well to get divine favours.

Give what you have…

We normally share from what we have gathered. It is extremely difficult and even impossible to share what we have not accumulated.
Life normally follows the basic principle of giving from what we have.

Do not over burden yourself to please everybody, to the extent of giving what you do not have.

An attempt to think for others mostly leads to presumption.

Trying to give from what we do not have could amount to thievery.

Convincingly saying what we do not know could easily lead to lies and distortions.

Only God creates out of nothing. 

Do not put undue stress on yourself, 

Give what you have and Say what you know.

God bless you and have great weekend.

Expand your world view 

How we perceive things from our narrow mind and narrow world is always not the same picture in the wider reality.
We are likely to judge wrongly when we conclusively evaluate people from our limited world and perspective.

Many are imprisoned by their narrow mindedness and their dampened zeal to expand their world view.

It is a crass display of arrogance and ignorance to use our perspective and world to be the yardstick to assess every person, group and situation.

The uniqueness of our place, culture, group, religion, spirituality, ideology and destination do not merely put us ahead of others.

May you accept your limitedness and intensify your ardent zeal to know and think outside your circles.

Are you comfortable with your world view or do you want to expand it?

Have blessed day.

You have your strengths and weaknesses

Every team has a star.

Every individual has a strength.

Every group has some worth.

Every situation has some lessons to teach.

What we mostly focus on normally determines our description of a person or a reality.

When we are soo much concerned with our weaknesses and wrongs in you, it will be extremely difficult to see the qualities in you. 

We do not sell a product with overstressed side effects, the qualities are mostly highlighted. 

As you consciously work on your weaknesses, never underestimate your worth. 

No matter your weakness, you have an ability.

No matter your qualities, you have an unpleasant side.

Value, appreciate and accept who you are to add value to your worth.

God bless and keep you.

Truth is one, it is not subjected to emotional disposition

The voice from the pulpit is mostly different from the voice from the pew.

The attitude of the oppressed is totally distinction from that of the oppressor.

The zeal of the winner is entirely different from that of a loser.

When things are well with us, we normally see positivity in negativity and possibility in gloomy situations.

On the flip side, when tables turn against us, we normally see negativity in possibility and impossibility in possible situations.

One clear fact about life is, truth is one, it is not subjected to position,  status and emotional disposition.

Situations and experiences  can easily change our views but the reality of life remains unchanged.

Truth is normally objective, not always subjected to our situation and experience. 

May you always be firm, never let your joyful and painful experiences determine your perception about the realities of life.

God bless and keep you.

Protect your dignity…

The dog does not value and respect the dignity of the owner when the owner steps on its tail, it will definitely bite or bark him.

When we dishonourably lower our standards to touch the valuables of others, we give them the power to temper madly and mercilessly with our dignity, reputation and credibility.

People may value and accord you with great respect but they may not forgive you when they see you covet things close to their hearts.

Your position, authority and dignity do not in anyway give you the privilege to usurp anything you long for.

Do not be deceive by who you are, where you are, and what you have, you can easily lose them with single action.

Dignity and credibility are hard to gain and to regain, make conscious efforts to protect them.

God bless you.

We cannot equate possibility to actuality.

Life is like a game, taking a commanding and a comfortable lead does not merely mean you will definitely win.

The goal and dignity of life do only depend on taking a comfortable lead among our peers and competitors but living a meaningful and productive life.

We can be better than others but still wallow in mediocrity.

Seeing clear signs of victory does not mean we will automatically succeed. The table can easily turn against us when we lose guard and focus.

We cannot equate the possibility to succeed to success.

Be confident but never be complacent with where you are, press on till you succeed.

Strive for excellence rather than bragging to be better than others. Excellence will automatically set you apart from others.

*Is excellence your ultimate goal or is your aspiration to be better than others?*

Have a great week.