The more and juicy your promises to people, the higher their expectations from you.

Do not let the people’s inordinate cravings for satisfaction and their vulnerability make you compromise your honesty and objectiveness.

Anybody can make promises but not all can fulfill them.

*Your worth and credibility do not merely depend on what you promise to achieve but what you have been able to achieve.*

Weave your life on  carefully curved out plans not on attractive but unrealistic promises on your life.

May you also focus on what you can do now, not only on what you can in the future.

Have a blessed week.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau



Sin separated humanity from God. 

God capitalizes on the sins of humanity to prove His depth-less love and mercy for humanity.

Your greatest obstacle can be your strongest moving force based on your attitude towards your challenges.

Most of the great inventions of the world sprung out of necessity and challenges.

Scarcity and challenges are active catalysts that move us to make efficient use of reason and resources at our disposal.

*A conscious and a purposeful attempt to address a challenge can bring the best in you.*

The chameleon moves fast only where it senses danger.

Our challenges should not limit our use of reason but they should move us to think far and be innovative.

May your hurdles in life bring the best in you.

Have a blessed day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


If we cannot see and reach what is closely and directly before us, it will be extremely difficult to see and reach what is far beyond us.

If we cannot touch and care for the visible, how can we love the invisible.

It is impossible to excel when we, as mortals, have links with the spirit to the detriment of our links with the mortals.

Never allow your relationship with God and your zeal to please him make you underrate the value and dignity of the human person.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


When you wash your hands with dirty detergent and water, your hands will definitely be seen dirty no matter the number of times you wash them.

When we always depend on the biased assessment of pessimists and ungrateful people, we will never see anything good in us. 

In the same way, when we are evaluated by our bootlicking friends, we never see anything bad in us.

The perception and comments of others on our actions and inactions are always not right and conclusive.

With different levels of knowledge, experience and intimacy, people evaluate differently.

Do not hastily take any condemnation and commendation as the true reflection of your performance, but also check the authority and the brain behind such evaluation.

May you not be carried away by the biased assessments of your friends and foes.

Have a blessed day.

Fr. Michae


Not all delicious meals are nutritious.

Not all that are pleasing to the ear and the heart are educative and transformative.

When your life is mainly based on entertaining activities and juicy promises, your joy and fulfilment will not only be momentary, you will not make any significant improvement in life.

It is good to be happy always but time for serious issues and activities should never be compromised for unproductive jokes and trivialities.

Happiness should not infringe on our zeal to reach our goal and our sense reverence and decency.

Serious issues should be approached with the needed seriousness whiles trivial issues should be faced with its appropriate attitude.

May you always balance your life with hard work and recreation.

Remain in the love and joy of the Lord.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

Initial impression lasts

An entity assumes a specific identity based on the perception it imprints in the minds of the public   at the start.

First impression normally lasts, so it is difficult to erase initial impression formed.

When we start leniently, people are likely to form a lackadaisical attitude towards us and take us for granted. 

An attempt to be strict and hold people responsible after presenting an easygoing character is likely to make people to perceive us as bad, because of the initial impression about us.

Do not start with leniency when you intend to be strict in future and do not start with strictness when you intend to be lenient in future.

Inconsistencies could easily undermine our credibility.

An identity is a valuable asset, when it is compromised for no grave and genuine reason, it cuts slur on our dignity.

As you give room for useful changes, may you always strive to be consistent in your positive actions.

Have a fruitful day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


The best cook cannot please every guest with one type of meal. 

Your way of life is for public consumption.

You cannot please everybody with your way of life unless you  change your behavior based on the people you meet and situation you find yourself. 

Our individual differences give us different tastes, perception and attitude towards certain people and things.

Changing to please everybody we encounter is not only a mark flexibility, it is also  hypocritical.

Be of yourself and do what is expected of you. But do not keenly aspire to win all hearts, it will surely put undue pressure and anxiety on you.

God be with you and have a blessed week.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

Clean hear, not clean sheet

It is not easy to hide your facial expression in the broad day light.

It is impossible to conceal your true identity and state before the all-knowing God.

You do not have to necessarily keep clean sheet and appearance before you can meet the Lord, you need a pure and humble heart.

God is not interested in your fluency, He is rather keen on your sincerity.

Our deeds are naked before the Lord, we do not have to over embellish them with words and emotions before God can see them.

May you always focus on the authentic content of your deeds, not only the flashy packaging of your deeds.

Have a Grace-filled Sunday.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

Focus on what you can do.

When you have a hopeful attitude towards life, you do not allow yourself to be discouraged by the failures of the past. 
You rather concentrate on what you are capable of doing in the future with the painful past experience as guide and guard. 

The raw materials of ideas, strength and zeal in you today, are far valuable than the end products of failure and shame in the past.

Do not waste your time in trying to correct your shameful past. 

Invest your time in adding value to your worth to reach where you intend to be tomorrow.

May you always be moved by what you can do but do not be discouraged by what you were not able to do.

Have a blissful day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


Having a sledge hammer in hand does not give us the mandate to hit any protruding nail we come across.

Not all nails need to be hit deep, some need to be directed to be well positioned.

Being wise, intelligent and having rich experience do not give you the power to be giving directives and even condemning anyone you encounter.

Your advice may be insightful but it will not always be useful and it will not always be needed.

When a tool is not used for the intended purpose and at the right time it becomes useless and even destructive rather than being useful.

May you know when and how to use your gifts for the benefit of all. 

Have a blessed day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau